Why Become a Member and Where Would You be Without MSD?

The Medical Society of Delaware (MSD) is a professional state medical organization for Delaware’s physicians. MSD is the voice of the medical profession in our state. It exists solely to represent the medical profession regardless of specialty, practice type, age, gender, background, or professional affiliation. Membership in MSD allows you to become familiar with organized medicine and the importance of the work that is done statewide and nationally for physicians. We welcome and encourage your involvement and participation, which in turn can only enhance your professional career experience. Your office personnel will also benefit from your membership with access to practice support resources and educational opportunities. MSD may be small in staff numbers compared to larger state medical societies, but we are big at heart.

Most physician members and their office personnel know the MSD staff and are comfortable reaching out directly to us. MSD’s philosophy is to address the unique needs of the individual physician and his/her practice. What has MSD done for Delaware physicians and why should you belong? Answering that question should not just be weighed or judged by a list of benefits available or how many times a physician accessed a service or received help from MSD.

Without physician support, MSD would not exist and would not be involved in the changing health care arena to advocate for your interest. Who would be there for you if MSD was not?

Major Accomplishments in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019

Top Five Reasons for Becoming a Member

  1. Professionalism – the state medical society is the last bastion for upholding the ideals of the medical profession (for all specialties).
  2. Represent and advocate for physicians
  3. Cheapest insurance policy you can buy – MSD is watching out for the physicians’ best interest. We are continuously present at Legislative Hall and monitor activity; we meet regularly with the Secretary of Health and Social Services, Division of Public Health, AstraZeneca, insurers, etc. We meet with the Governor and Lt. Governor, and state and federal legislators on various important issues so they are informed of the physicians’ position.
  4. Pragmatic – Comprehensive guidance to assist with opening and closing your practice. Contact Kristie Stewart at Kristie.Stewart@medsocdel.org. We assist physicians with the business side of their profession so they can devote their time to doing what they do best: taking care of patients.
  5. Valuable Return on Investment for Products/Services/Programs – From practice management education for the physician’s staff, to insurance products for the physician and his/her family, to MSD being the architect behind the future of medicine with its participation in health care reform efforts, if MSD did not exist, neither would these efforts. To read more about membership benefits

Member Perk

Sustainable Practices: My Green Doctor www.MyGreenDoctor.org

My Green Doctor is a free environmental sustainability program provided to members of the Medical Society of Delaware. Offices, clinics, and outpatient centers learn to make gradual improvements in their uses of energy, water, chemicals, paper, and other resources. The program is easy to use, adding only five minutes of My Green Doctor to each regular staff meeting.

Most offices save money in their first month using My Green Doctor. One practice is saving more than $1200 per doctor every year and reducing its greenhouse gases, with no financial investment.

My Green Doctor provides free brochures, posters, and other teaching tools to help helps share wise choices with patients and families. This can mean less energy and water used, cleaner air, fewer greenhouse gases, and better health outcomes.

Register today at My Green Doctor to start saving money and improving health!