Committees At A Glance


Budget and Finance Committee
The committee is charged with supervision of the financial affairs of the Society under the budget adopted by the Council and shall present a budget of the expected income and expenses of the Society for the ensuing year. (Council-Elected Committee)

Committee on Ethics
The committee considers and makes recommendations to the Executive Board for formal policy statements on timely issues concerning the ethics of medical practice, the profession, and health care delivery. The committee is required to meet at least two times per year and has a maximum requirement for the number of members on the committee. (Council-Elected Committee)

Committee on Membership
The committee is charged with establishing programs to encourage the recruitment and retention of members in the Medical Society of Delaware, as well as addressing membership approval, membership termination, and changes in membership status. There are established seats based on representation from the residents, young physicians, primary care, counties, and other specialties. (Council-Elected Committee)

(Dr. John H. O'Neill, Jr., DO
) Former Chair

Editorial Board
The Editorial Board for the Delaware Medical Journal, is responsible for its publication, and supervises the publication of the papers and transactions of the Society, of the program publicity for the Interim and Annual Meetings, and any special books and documents issued in the name of the Society. Committee members are asked to submit articles for publication and/or peer review submitted articles for publication consideration. (Standing Committee)

Education Program Planning Subcommittee
Assist in determining the character and scope of the scientific proceedings of the MSD Fall Annual Meeting and planning other relevant, timely education subject to the instructions of the MSD President, Executive Board, or Council. (Standing Committee)

(Dr. Stephen J. Kushner, DO)

Environmental Health Subcommittee
This interest area has a focus on environmental issues affecting the health of Delaware citizens and may overlap with public health issues. (Standing Committee)

(Dr. David P. Donohue, MD)

Government Affairs Committee
Areas of Responsibility are Legislation (Regulatory and Legislative) and Advocacy. The committee is comprised of specific members as identified in the MSD Bylaws (MSD officers, AMA Delegation representative, specialty societies with active interest). (Standing Committee)

(Dr. Richard W. Henderson, MD)

Historical Subcommittee
Encourages contribution of historical medical items and information to develop a perspective of the practice of medicine and surgery in Delaware. Main activity is assisting in determining items to accept into the historical collection, maintaining an inventory of such items, and developing the display in the MSD Building. Collections could be developed into an educational program. (Standing Committee) 

Maternal and Child Care Committee
The committee addresses health issues concerning women and children. Members also receive regular updates from the Child Death, Near Death, and Stillborn Commission and the Delaware Healthy Mothers and Infants Consortium. (Special Committee)

Medico-Legal Affairs Committee
The committee works with legal professionals to review and develop guidelines on issues as they relate to both the medical and legal professions. Prior accomplishments include suggested guidelines for medical record copying fees. (Special Committee) 

(Dr. Mehdi Balakhani, MD, DDSi)

Physician Relations Advisory Committee
The committee reviews background and service information on various companies under consideration for potential Affinity relationships with MSD. The committee evaluates potential service benefits for MSD members. (Special Committee)

(Dr. Irene Szeto) Former Chair

Primary Care Subcommittee
The Government Affairs Committee (GAC) oversees this committee, which is comprised of not less than 7 members to include the Chair of the GAC, an additional member of the GAC who shall serve as Chair, a representative from the Third Party Payer Cmte, a representative from MedNet, and representatives from the 3 main primary care specialties (family medicine, general internal medicine, and general pediatrics). The Subcommittee is charged with making recommendations to the GAC on issues that are of interest to members of MSD in the 3 main primary care specialties. This includes, but is not limited to, legislative and policy issues and payment and reimbursement issues. (Standing Committee)

(Dr. James M. Gill, MD)

Prison Health Care Subcommittee
The health and well-being of Delaware’s prison inmates is the major concern of this interest area. (Standing Committee)

(Dr. Prayus T. Tailor, MD)

Professional Education Subcommittee
Interest in oversight of the Society’s Continuing Medical Education program and compliance with the Essentials for Accreditation of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME). Also establishes education programs on issues of interest concerning the medical profession and health care delivery. Learn how accreditation for medical education is obtained. (Standing Committee)

(Dr. Hugh Bonner, III, MD)

Public Education Subcommittee
Helps to develop and plan education directed for the public utilization, as necessary. (Standing Committee) 

Public Health Subcommittee
This interest area focuses on public health and wellness issues affecting the health of Delaware citizens. Prior activities have focused on the development tobacco cessation programs and air quality issues. Interest topics may overlap with environmental health issues. (Standing Committee)

(Dr. Louis E. Bartoshesky, MD and Dr. Patt E. Panzer, MD, MPH)

School Health Subcommittee
Interest in being involved in issues related to health care in the school setting. Annual “Healthy Living Week” school presentations are arranged and presented in November each year with physicians providing the various presentations for this event, as well as other school presentations (such as through the Campaign for Kids… “It’s OBVIOUS” initiative). (Standing Committee)

(Dr. Jayshree P. Tailor, MD)

Third Party Payer Committee 
The committee concerns itself with the policies, procedures, and practices of third party payers in Delaware and advocates for Society members in these matters. (Standing Committee)

(Dr. Nicholas O. Biasotto, DO