A unique benefit of MSD membership is the opportunity to participate in the policymaking process. Any member, section, geographic affinity group community, or other representative of the Medical Society of Delaware may submit a resolution to be considered by the MSD Council. Resolutions adopted set policy for the Society, giving guidance on projects to pursue, products to develop, and issues to influence. If you are considering submission of a resolution for the 2020 Annual Meeting, the deadline is Friday, October 16, 2020. Sponsors of late resolutions must submit a written statement of justification to be considered by the Council. A three-fourths vote on acceptance or rejection of the resolution decides if the resolution is heard by the Council. Late reports may be distributed at the meeting.

What is a Resolution?

A resolution is a proposal that asks the MSD Council to take a position and/or an action. A resolution consists of supporting statements or facts (“whereas clauses”) accompanied by at least one directive (“resolve clause”). Once a resolution is submitted, it is debated at the Council meeting. If adopted, the resolution becomes MSD policy. Consider the following prior to submitting a resolution:
  • Does the proposal deal with MSD issues?
  • Is the proposed matter feasible (can it be done)?
  • Is it advisable (should it be done)?
  • Is it efficient (what is the cost-benefit ratio)?
  • Has a similar report or resolution been presented and rejected? If so, why?
  • Is it consistent with current MSD policy?

What a Resolution Should Include

The resolution must clearly state the issue being addressed; list the primary author or sponsoring group first, followed by co-authors or co-sponsors; include Whereas and Resolved clauses that give clear direction stating what you want the Medical Society of Delaware to do; and indicate any fiscal note as appropriate.

Writing Whereas Clauses for a Resolution

  • Provide information on why the resolution should be considered, describe the problem that the resolved clauses intended to address and explain, or support how the resolved clauses will correct the problem
  • Should be one sentence in length and flow in a logical order
  • Include relevant statistics, analyses, surveys, and commentaries. Use this information to help defend the resolution during debate at the Council meeting
  • Cite statements of fact with the appropriate reference.

Writing Resolved Clauses for a Resolution

  • Make it one sentence long with the language understood independently of whereas clauses
  • Calls on the Council to take a specific action or position and should begin as: “RESOLVED, That our Council….”
  • If adopted at the Council meeting, the resolution becomes MSD policy

References in a Resolution
All resolutions must cite pertinent references.

Submitting Resolution

After completing development of the resolution, please submit it for consideration by the Council to Mary LaJudice, Senior Director of Corporate Services at the Medical Society of Delaware. The deadline for submission is Friday, October 13, 2020.

Prior to the Council meeting be sure to:

  • Prepare a brief statement to introduce your resolution at the Council meeting
  • Prepare to defend your resolution



Council’s Role in Reviewing Resolutions and Developing Policy Council members are asked to evaluate each resolution; consider all relevant comments, statements, or recommendations; be responsible for understanding the opinions being expressed; ask questions as necessary; listen carefully and evaluate the information presented; when possible, obtain as much available information and advice as possible in advance of the Council meeting; and recommend the best course of action to be taken by the voting body. Favorable action on a resolution shall require the affirmative vote of a majority of Council members present and voting.