Recruiting Credit

Do you have a colleague who is not currently an MSD physician member? 
Recruit him or her and earn credit on your membership renewal next year!

Recruit eligible new members to join MSD and earn up to $500 * in credit on your MSD dues in the following year!

You know the value of membership in MSD ~ spread the word!

Are you eligible? Current MSD physician members designated as 1 st Year, 2nd Year, and 3rd Year in Practice, Full Dues Paying, and Associate members are eligible to recruit and receive the dues credit. 

How is the credit applied? The recruitment credit will be applied as follows:

*Recruitment of a 1 st , 2 nd, or 3rd Year in Practice Physician $50/member 
*Recruitment of a Full Dues Paying Physician $100/member
*Recruitment of 5 Resident/Fellow/Student Members $100 for 5 members
*Associate members who recruit eligible physicians $50/member

The maximum credit provided to the recruiting physician is not to exceed the amount of their dues or a maximum of $500, whichever is less. 
Upon receipt of the credit, members are invited to donate all or part of the money to MSD, as a donation to the Delaware Medical Education Foundation (DMEF) or the Delaware Foundation for Medical Services (DFMS).