Medical Society of Delaware Insurance Services, Inc. (MSDIS): In 1982, MSD formed a wholly owned insurance brokerage known as MSDIS.

MSDIS provides accessibility and affordability in Delaware's medical malpractice insurance environment. In 1995, the MSDIS Board of Directors made a strategic decision to create a partnership with Zutz Insurance Group, now USI Insurance Services for the marketing and administration of MSDIS, opening all lines of insurance to Delaware physicians.

MSDIS has become one of the largest insurance brokerage operations in Delaware. We offer physicians and their employees access to:

Practice Products:

Whether you’re a solo practitioner or part of a large healthcare system, you can rest easy knowing our stability and experience is on your side. MSDIS has guided and insured Private Practices and facilities for over 40 years and has access to financially strong carriers that offer options that fit your needs best. Fill out the form below or contact: Sharon – 302-397-0173
You enable firewalls, enforce employee policies, and comply with laws regarding how your firm is governed and protected. Yet, no amount of precaution can render a firm immune to incident - whether in the form of a cyber-attack or employment practices liability litigation. In today’s world, it not only pays to focus on preventing an incident, but also bouncing back from one. Fill out the form below or contact: Sharon – 302-397-0173
MSDIS is a full-service insurance broker and can assist your Practice with all insurance coverages. Our team of experts are here to guide and assist you no matter the situation or the need. Fill out the form below or contact: Sharon – 302-397-0173
No matter the size of you practice, MSDIS helps build successful employee benefits programs. Our regional expertise uses a consultative approach to create long term benefits solution for physicians and their employees. Our team is equipped to help small, medium, and large size practices and companies. Fill out the form below or contact: Sharon – 302-397-0173

Personal Products:

MSDIS guides you through the process of quoting, comparing, and enrolling in health insurance for you and your family. We can help assist you in finding the right plans to fit your specific needs. Fill out the form below or contact: Sharon – 302-397-0173
We provide Medicare eligible individuals with the resources to understand their options and enroll in coverage. Medicare experts are available to answer any questions you have and help you select the right plan. They can also guide you through the entire enrollment process to ensure your applications are completed correctly and submitted on time. Fill out the form below or
You may have questions about your life and disability insurance options, but it’s easy to put off the conversation. We make it easy for you to ask questions and compare options. Our licensed agents are ready to find right coverage for you. Fill out the form below or contact: Dennis McGeeDennis – 610-537-1389
From auto & home insurance to umbrella coverage, to recreational and more - the personal risk team can guide you and your family. We are focused on delivering actionable, measurable risk solutions that protect income and wealth, enhance coverage, control costs, and provide more efficient investment of premium dollars. Fill out the form below or contact: Kevin – 302-397-0328
Sometimes life’s unexpected events conspire to cancel or interrupt your plans: a sudden illness or injury, a death in the family, natural disaster, flight delays or even terrorism at your destination. You can protect your investment with travel insurance. Multiple plan option available and easily get a quote and enroll online. Learn More
Juggling multiple student loans can be burdensome and time consuming, not to mention the high cost associated with federal and private student loans. We understand these challenges and are pleased to provide members access to SoFi as an important resource to help you navigate your way to financial independence. You can refinance and consolidate both federal and private loans through a quick and easy application process to save you money. Not to mention, as a member you get a special rate discount. Learn more