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October 13, 2021

As a membership organization, the Medical Society of Delaware (MSD) continually evaluates its procedures, processes, and activities to ensure it is delivering benefits and services that our members want in a way that is convenient, easily accessible, and financially sound.

MSD published two printed issues of the Delaware Medical Journal in the first quarter of 2021 and then suspended publication following the termination of the contract with the then-publisher of the periodical. Since that time, MSD has been evaluating whether continuing with a printed publication was in the best interest of the membership, both financially and with what was desired as the medium for accessing articles. It was felt that the Journal provided a valuable pathway for sharing information and needed to continue. We took the time to step back and examine how we could reengineer a process for the future. And for this, we appreciate your patience.

After careful consideration, a decision has been made to transition from our printed publication, Delaware Medical Journal, to utilizing an online “open access” model of publishing. It is felt this is in the best interest of the organization and members, both financially and as we consider the future of publishing.

Open access is a publishing model that provides freely available, digital, online information versus the traditional paid subscription model. While it is a newer form of scholarly publishing, many open access journals comply with well-established peer-review processes and maintain high publishing standards. One of the most important advantages of open access publishing is that it increases the visibility and reuse of academic research to those all over the globe. Another advantage is the streamlined online submission system and efficient editorial review that allows publishing in a more timely fashion (weeks, not months).

While free implies no cost to authors to publish their work or others to access the information, open access publishing is attractive for a variety of reasons. One is reduced production costs to MSD compared to our previous print publication and distribution expenses.

MSD is currently working with the publisher, Cureus, to establish a designated online “Academic Channel” for MSD within The Cureus Journal of Medical Science. A separate announcement will be made once the Channel is fully operational.

Articles that do not meet the requirements for being published in the Cureus Journal and indexed in PubMed Central can still be accessible through the Medical Society of Delaware’s Academic Channel. A quarterly digital digest will be distributed via email to the membership that will list articles published through the Medical Society of Delaware in Cureus and indexed in PubMed Central with links to each, as well as any announcements or other works made available during that time period. Each quarter, a new digest will be emailed. However, as open access suggests, you can view these articles at any time via the MSD Academic Channel.

The MSD Editorial Board encourages your authorship submission for original research and review articles, case reports, and technical reports. You will also have access to published articles and reports within The Cureus Journal of Medical Science. Details on the submission of articles will be posted in the near future on the MSD website. Those who have already submitted articles directly to MSD will be contacted with instructions for publishing their information.

MSD realizes this is a major change from our familiarity with the Delaware Medical Journal. However, change may also bring innovation and creativity, and we are excited to bring a new and enhanced form of publishing to you via our relationship with Cureus.

We hope you embrace the new platform and look forward to your thoughts and suggestions. We look forward to the future with optimism for the continued success of publishing capabilities through the Medical Society of Delaware. 

Bhavin R. Dave, MD
MSD Editorial Board

Matthew J. Burday, DO
Medical Society of Delaware

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