February 2018
What's inside:

  • President's Page: A New Chapter for MSD
  • A Descriptive Study of Playground Equipment Injuries
  • Not your Average Widow Maker: Cardiac Arrest with Coronary Artery Septic Embolism
  • A Perfect Storm: Acute Presentation of Thyroid Storm
  • Acute Bilateral Adrenal Hemorrhage on Apixaban
  • Protecting Valuable Items

January 2018
What's Inside

  • President's Page: Thinking and Acting Anew
  • Physician Autonomy in the 21st Century: Decline, Importance, and Response
  • Unusual Imaging Manifestations of Severe Bilateral Cochlear Otosclerosis
  • Report on the Proceedings of the 228th Annual Meeting

October 2017
What's Inside:

  • President's Page: When the Patient is a Racist
  • Commission on Cancer: CP3R Measure for Breast Cancer
  • A unique case of Malignant Peripheral Never Sheath Tumor in the Breast
  • Two cases of Adrenal Insufficiency Caused by Isolated Bilateral Adrenal Metastasis from Breast Cancer
  • Triple Negative Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Arising in a Breast Cyst

July 2017
What's Inside:

  • President's Page: MSD Helped Delaware Craft Model Telehealth Legislation
  • Delaware's Journey to Adopting Telehealth
  • Navigating Technology Vendor Selection for Telehealth/Telemedicine
  • Development of an Asthma Adherence Telemedicine Program
  • Using Telemedicine for Orthopedic Follow-Up, Treatment of Acute Stroke

April 2017
What's Inside:

  • President's Page
  • Advance Care Planning in the 21st Century
  • Community-Based Palliative Care
  • Education in Palliative Care
  • Untangling the Mystery of Palliative Care

December 2017
What's Inside:

  • President's Page: Representing the Most Noble Profession on Earth
  • MSD Activities 2017 - A Snapshot of Events
  • Implementing Peer Support in ER and Impatient Settings
  • Four Bases to Cover in your Compensation Arrangement
  • Universal Health Coverage and a Single Payer System
  • Growing Pains, Risks as Internet and Social Media Proliferate

September 2017
What's Inside:

  • President's Page: Exploring the Best Method to Finance Universal Health Care
  • Asthma-COPD Overlap Syndrome (ACOS) among Adults - 2015
  • Refractory Dyspnea in an Adolescent Treated for Ashma
  • A Case of Indifferent Medical Care

June 2017
What's Inside:

  • President's Page: A Presidential Tribute
  • Improving Growth Velocity through Standardized Feeding Protocol for Low Birth Weight
  • BasicMed: Medical Certification for the Private Pilot Using a Physician of Their Choice
  • Phishing Incident Leads to $400k HIPAA Settlement

March 2017
What's Inside

  • President's Column: Repeal or Reform ACA
  • State-wide effort to decrease Pediatric ATV Injuries
  • Previous Laparotomy Scar Preventing Abdominal Injury From Gunshot Wound
  • A Brief Remembrance of BZP

November 2017
What's Inside:

  • President's Page "Trying to Achieve Better Health with Less Spending"
  • Protocol of the Month
  • An Industry under Siege
  • Cyber-security- Protecting EHR
  • Cloud Computing and HIPPA
  • Book Review: A Place of Cold Water
  • Cancer Care in Delaware: A model for America

August 2017
What's Inside:

  • President's Page: Physician Participation in the Parliamentary Process
  • Point-of-Care Analysis associated with Emergency Department Utilization
  • Peritoneal Fat Containing Inguinal Hernia with Fat Infarction mimicking an Enlarged Scrotal Mass
  • AMA Meeting Highlights

May 2017
What's Inside:

  • President's Page: MOC and the Path Forward
  • The Clinician's View: Uniform Approach in the Use of U-500 Regular Insulin
  • Fat Emboli Syndrome
  • Integration of Behavioral Health in Comprehensive Pain Mgt.
  • Scurvy: The Disease of Discovery

February 2017
What's Inside:

  • National Cancer Institute Clinical Trial
  • "My Baby's Breath" to reduce prenatal alcohol use
  • Case Study: Not All Chest Pains are Made Equal
  • Your Career - How to compare offers

January 2017
What's Inside:

  • Beware of Phishing Emails posing as HHS
  • Report on proceedings of 227th Annual Meeting
  • AMA Interim Meeting Highlights