April 2017
What's Inside:

  • President's Page
  • Advance Care Planning in the 21st Century
  • Community-Based Palliative Care
  • Education in Palliative Care
  • Untangling the Mystery of Palliative Care

March 2017
What's Inside

  • President's Column: Repeal or Reform ACA
  • State-wide effort to decrease Pediatric ATV Injuries
  • Previous Laparotomy Scar Preventing Abdominal Injury From Gunshot Wound
  • A Brief Remembrance of BZP

February 2017
What's Inside:

  • National Cancer Institute Clinical Trial
  • "My Baby's Breath" to reduce prenatal alcohol use
  • Case Study: Not All Chest Pains are Made Equal
  • Your Career - How to compare offers

January 2017
What's Inside:

  • Beware of Phishing Emails posing as HHS
  • Report on proceedings of 227th Annual Meeting
  • AMA Interim Meeting Highlights

November 2016
What's Inside:

  •  An Improved Way to Connect
  • Strength and Function after Hip Arthroplasty
  • The Good Nutrition Game
  • Thank You to MSD Council Members

October 2016
What's Inside:

  • Resources for Your Practice
  • Pediatric Head Injury
  • Restrictive Dermopathy
  • History of Beebe Healthcare

September 2016
What's Inside:

  • MSD Making Strides to Make Your Life Easier
  • The Impact of Direct Cardiac Output
  • Stump Appendicitis
  • OCR Releases Guidance on Ransomware and HIPAA

August 2016
What's Inside

  • Physician Burnout: Caring for the Caregiver
  • Precutaneous Transcatheter Patent Foreman Ovale Closure
  • STEMI in Pregnancy
  • Crystal Induced Acute Kidney Injury

July 2016
What's Inside:

  • Physician Burnout
  • Using GIS to Characterize Pediatric Pedestrian Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Impact of Catheterization Lab Consumer Software
  • Intubation Barotraum and/or CPR Causing Tension Pneumoperitoneum

June 2016
What's Inside: 

  • Are You a Victim of Identity Theft
  • Coordinating Effort between Behavioral Primary Care
  • Osteogenesis Imperfect
  • Be Prepared: Phase 2 HIPAA Audits

May 2016
What's Inside: 

  • Legislative Efforts
  • Treating Substance Use Disorder without Judgement
  • Chronic Ischemia Leading to Colectomy
  • Infectious Disease in Delaware Dept. of Correction