MSD COVID-19 Communications

6-2-2020 Telemedicine Coverage Update, Governor Gives Date for Phase 2
Telemedicine Coverage to Continue, Governor Modifies Order for Outdoor Gatherings
5-23-2020 Governor Carney Gives Green Light to Outdoor Church Services
5-22-2020 Sentinel Surveillance Program, Long Term Care Facility Statistics
5-21-2020 Sussex County Surpasses 4,000 Positive Cases, Senate Prepares for Phase Four of Relief Legislation
5-20-2020 Six New Deaths, Governor Carney Discusses Reopening with CNN
5-19-2020 Tier 2 Elective Surgeries Resume, Restaurants/Retail Stores Expand Business, 7 New Deaths
Guidance for Churches & Working Groups to Plan Safe Return to School Buildings
5-17-2020 My Healthy Communities, 123 New Cases, 4 New Deaths
5-16-2020 Fifteen New Deaths, 174 New Cases
5-15-2020 Governor Releases Updated Guidance on Reopening, 11 New Deaths, 150 New Cases
Governor Sets Open Date for Beaches/Pools, COVID-19 Takes 13 More Lives
10 Additional Deaths, Blood Donations Needed, Meals for Health Care Workers
12 New Deaths, 200 Contact Tracers to be Hired
118 New Cases, DPH Conference Call Tomorrow
5-10-2020 170 New Cases, DPH Conference Call Tuesday, Quarandreams Explained
Phase 1 Reopening Plan, Eight Additional COVID-19 Deaths
5-08-2020 Eleven New Deaths, Expanded Testing Plan Announced
5-07-2020 Carney Issues 15th Modification, Nine New Deaths
5-06-2020 407 New Cases, Recovery Town Hall Tonight
5-05-2020 Governor Announces Interim Plan to Open Businesses
5-04-2020 Five New Deaths, DPH / Physician Conference Call Tomorrow
5-03-2020 9 New Deaths, Gov. Carney Joins Multi-State Supply Chain Agreement
5-02-2020 120 New Cases, DPH Conference Call Scheduled
5-01-2020 Recovery Town Hall Scheduled, Governor Speaks to Press, 7 New Deaths
4-30-2020 Eight Additional Deaths, Governor Issues 14th Modification
4-29-2020 Sussex County Testing Sites, 7 Additional Deaths
4-28-2020 Sussex County Declared a Hot Spot, 413 New Cases, 12 New Deaths
4-27-2020 Beebe Opens COVID Care Center, CDC Adds New Symptoms
4-26-2020 Positive Cases Increase by 458, 8 Deaths
4-25-2020 DE Governor Orders Face Masks to be Worn in Public
4-24-2020 Delaware Hits 100 Total COVID-19 Deaths, Schools to Remain Closed for Rest of School Year
4-23-2020 3 New Deaths, Governor Issues Twelfth State of Emergency Modification
4-22-2020 269 New Cases, 7 New Deaths, Gov. Carney Announces Sussex County Testing Plan
4-21-2020 186 New Cases, 10 Additional Deaths, New Relief Bill Gets Congressional Support
4-20-2020 207 New Cases, 5 Additional Deaths
4-18-2020 215 New Cases, 6 Additional Deaths
4-17-2020 Nine New Deaths Including 46 Year Old, 248 New Cases
4-16-2020 CARES Act Info, Provider Protocol for COVID-19 Testing, Six New Deaths
4-15-2020 Gov. Issues 11th Modification, 88 New Cases, DPH Issues Guidance for Patients
4-14-2020 165 New Cases, 2 Deaths, Telehealth Financial Support Program Open
4-13-2020 6 Additional Deaths, Gov Joins Council to Develop Plans to Open State
4-12-2020 146 New Cases, Two New Deaths
4-11-2020 153 New Cases, Governor Carney Asks for Help
4-10-2020 COVID-19 Update: Nine Additional Deaths, CARES Act Money Coming for Health Care
4-09-2020 Four New Deaths, Updated Testing Sites
4-08-2020 New Deaths, Positive Cases at DE Psychiatric Center, Face Mask Guidance
4-07-2020 Delaware Prepares for Mobile Hospital, 145 New Cases
4-07-2020 Gov. Bans Short-Term Rentals, Alternate Care Sites Announced
4-05-2020 Rapid COVID-19 Test Kits Arrive in DE, 80 New Cases
4-04-2020 DPH Announces 143 New Cases, 32 New Hospitalizations
4-03-2020 CARES Act, New Cases
4-02-2020 3rd Long-Term Facility Outbreak, DEA Eases Prescribing, COVID Death
4-01-2020 Gov. Tightens Restrictions, New COVID Death, a Story from the Front Lines
3-31-2020 High Risk Essential Business Testing, Testing Site List, Insurance Questions Wanted
3-30-2020 More Cases/Death, Gov. Closes Child Care for Non-Essential Workers, Conference Call Tomorrow
3-29-2020 New Cases-Death, MSD in the News, Next DPH Call Scheduled
3-28-2020 New Deaths, 2nd Assisted Living Facility Affected, DMJ Looking for Articles
3-27-2020 New Cases, Return to Work Guidance, Hotel Du Pont Discount
3-26-2020 1st Death, Hydroxycholroguine, Fed. Stimulus Package
3-26-2020 1st Nursing Home Death, New Cases Reported
3-25-2020 Guidance For Returning to Work after Covid-19
3-25-2020 New Cases, FAQ, MSG Message, How You Can Help
3-24-2020 DPH New Cases, DPH Conference Call Tomorrow, Hand Sanitizer
3-23-2020 Public Health Emergency - One Year Old Tests Positive - FAQ
3-22-2020 Testing Site List, 11 New Cases, Gov. Stay at Home Order
3-21-2020 Optimizing PPE - New Cases - Gov. Closes Beaches
3-19-2020 New Cases - Telemedicine Options - Requesting PPE - DPH Conference Call
3-18-2020 Gov. State of Emergency, New Cases, Telemedicine Updates, DPH Call Recording
3-18-2020 DPH to Hold Conference Call with Physicians & Practice Managers
3-17-2020 COVID-19 Testing Center, New Cases, Telemedicine Updates, Specialty Guidelines
3-17-2020 DPH to Hold Conference Call with Physicians & Practice Managers
3-16-2020 Gov. Carney/Sec. Walker Town Hall – State of Emergency Update
3-14-2020 COVID-19 – Child Care Recs, 2 More Cases, School Closings
3-13-2020 COVID-19 DPH Testing Guidelines
3-11-2020 DPH Announces First Coronavirus Case
3-10-2020 PPE Guidance/Commercial Lab Testing /Fake Online Coronavirus Info
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