Membership Renewal

INQUIRING ABOUT THE DUES OR MEMBERSHIP? Please call Member Services at 302-224-4905.
Do you have a colleague who is not an MSD member? Recruit him or her and earn credit on your membership renewal next year! Those submitting applications for membership need to identify you as the recruiting source on their application.

Does MSD Have Your Updated Information?
MSD staff works hard to ensure we have the most up-to date information for our members, but we need your help! If you are retiring, moving, need to report any changes of address, email updates, changes of practice, or any other changes, please use the Membership Information Update Form and return to MSD or directly contact Michelle Seymour, Manager of Membership and Community Outreach at or (302)224-4905. You can also log in to the MSD website to access your membership profile information to make most basic updates yourself, such as address, email, practice and other changes, as well as renewing your membership online.

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