MSD’s Political Advocacy is a multi-faceted program intended to:

  • Represent, promote and defend the interests of physicians and their patients in the halls of government;
  • Educate and advise lawmakers and officials on medical issues that affect our community;
  • Establish relationships with and evaluate elected officials; and
  • Provide members the tools they need to stay current on the laws and regulations that affect their practices and to make informed decisions in the ballot booth.
AMA Health Care Advocacy

Legislative Updates

Legislative Action Alert – Contact Your Senator on SB 10

Legislative Action Alert - Prior Authorization SB 10

152nd General Assembly - Update on HB 350 "Diamond State Hospital Cost Review Board"

152nd General Assembly - Leaping into Spring With a Busy March in Legislative Hall

Legislative Alert - 3/20/2024

152nd Delaware General Assembly - Off to a Busy Start January 30, 2024
                          *Bill Chart - As of January 2024
Gearing Up for the Second Leg of the 152nd General Assembly

legislative e-Update - MSD Busy Advocating for Physicians and Patients in the Off Season of the 152nd General Assembly


MSD Resolutions

Resolutions presented at the 2023 Annual Meeting as follows:

Four resolutions were presented to the Council for consideration. A fifth resolution was submitted and considered a late resolution. The Council, by at least a ¾ affirmative vote, accepted the late resolution as an item of business. The resolves of each resolution and any adopted amendments to them are incorporated as follows. Resolutions were numbered and presented in the order in which they were received.

Artificial Intelligence in Health Care – (Resolution 01-A2023) Adopted as amended.

MSD Response to the Obesity Epidemic – A Chronic Disease – (Resolution 02-A2023) Adopted as amended.

Support for Refugees in Delaware – (Resolution 03-A2023) The resolution was adopted as amended.

Gun Violence is a Public Health Crisis – (Resolution 04-A2023) The resolution was adopted as amended.

Support of the AMA Board of Trustees Statement Regarding Physicians and Other Health Care Workers On The Frontlines Around the World – (Late Resolution Accepted by Council as Item of Business 05-A2023) The resolution was adopted as submitted.
RESOLVED, That the Medical Society of Delaware supports the AMA Board of Trustees statement dated November 9, 2023.

To view the 2023 Annual Meeting Summary visit 

Four resolutions were presented for Council consideration at the 2022 Annual Meeting as follows:

Resolution 01-A2022 "Addressing the Improper Use of the Word Provider." The resolution was adopted as submitted.

Resolution 02-A2022 "Minimizing the Influence of Social Media on Gun Violence." The resolution was adopted as submitted.

Resolution 03-A2022 "MSD Support of Engaged Neutrality for Medical Aid in Dying." The resolution was amended with substitute language, replacing "end of life decisions" with "medical aid in dying" in Resolve #1. The resolution was adopted as amended.

Resolution 04-A2022 "Addressing Health Disparities in Food Allergy Prevention." The resolution was adopted as submitted.