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MSD Immediate Past President and current Chair of the Government Affairs Committee, Dr. Richard W. Henderson, MD, explained MSD's position on the legalization of marijuana with 105.9 radio host Rob Sussman. Listen to interview

MSD President Andrew W. Dahlke, MD discusses Delaware’s primary care shortage on KJWP Me-TV’s Delaware Way with host Larry Mendte. CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Delaware sees decline in primary care doctors
Follow the above link to hear the interview with Dr. Dahlke

Delaware passes new law to help patient access to primary care
Follow the above link to hear the interview with Dr. Henderson
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Four State Medical Society Presidents: No, No, No, No to Recreational Marijuana

Wilmington, DE – March 21, 2019 - We, the undersigned, as presidents of our state medical societies, have joined together to express our mutual opposition regarding our states’ approval of any policies that legalize recreational marijuana.

We have serious concerns about the lack of scientific evidence that supports recreational marijuana use by adults and young adults.

Most importantly, not enough research has been done to prove marijuana is safe.

We must look at the potential effect legalization will have on overall use and significant harms, including impaired driving and accidents, creation and worsening of severe mental health issues, and negative impacts on developing minds. We also must look at the data from other states where there has been an increase in teen usage and an increase in car accidents.

The huge increase in teen vaping causes great concern and it is very possible that we will have a similar situation with legalized marijuana. We need to learn the lessons from history to ensure that any legalized marijuana product does not become the Big Tobacco of the 21st Century. Read more!

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