Why Join MSD - Testimonials

"I was very impressed with the efforts that MSD put forth regarding COVID, including updates, coordination with the state, and that non-members were included. Seeing the emails, website information, and notices that were released prompted me to return to MSD. I felt that being a part of a state medical society to prepare for the future is important."
-Vibha Sanwal, MD

"I decided to join MSD because my goal in becoming an Emergency Medicine physician was to have the opportunity to expand my patient care outside of the hospital. I have a lot of interests in health access, community volunteering, and how legislation and government affairs impacts our practice and our patient population. I wanted to be able to further explore that in an established organization with like-minded people who have either done what I hope to do and can help show me the right way to educate myself and contribute to the community and/or people who just have that same passion and are ready to do more. I had never been to Delaware before, but it has already grown on me as a really beautiful place that I would like to contribute to and leave my mark on."
-Christian Kasianko, MD

"Our Medical Society represents the needs of physicians throughout the state and I believe it's our duty to work together to improve healthcare by participating and contributing our input and our skills. As a psychiatrist, I am a member of a specialty which I believe needs to work closely with other healthcare providers so I'm glad to be a member of the MSD."
-James Ellison, MD, MPH

"I decided to join MSD because of my passion for healthcare advocacy and strong interest in legislative medicine. I aspire to be able to advocate for diversity and inclusion in medicine and help to represent and defend the physician-patient relationship on a governmental level. I also have a passion for academic medicine, which I believe ties in perfectly with an organization like this. All physicians serve as educators to our patients, but in MSD I will have the opportunity to educate lawmakers on medical issues that are affecting our community and further develop relationships between medicine and politics. Additionally, factual and informed decision making is crucial. Being able to assist the residents of Delaware in these decisions will be incredibly gratifying. I am most excited about being a part of the inaugural class of family medicine residents at Beebe Healthcare, becoming an active resident of Sussex County, and advocating for the needs of my new community!"
-Harrison Eckert, DO

"I think it is important to be involved in my local and regional medical societies to understand the community climate. It’s a great way to communicate with likeminded providers who may be facing similar challenges. Also, as a group, local/regional societies can advocate for change more effectively than any individual which benefits us all."
-Stephanie A. Caterson, MD

Join MSD

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Medical Society of Delaware! Benefits include:
  • Advocacy
  • Community outreach
  • Education
  • Communications
  • Leadership development
  • Representation

Why Become a Member?

Listen to messages from your colleagues as to why you should join and get involved!

Physician Membership

Physician Online Membership Application    (fillable on your computer!)

  • Complete the online application and return to MSD (membership@medsocdel.org).
  • MSD will confirm receipt and request the appropriate dues payment amount.
  • Following submission of requested information and payment, your application will be provided to our Committee on Membership for review.
  • Once your application is recommended for approval by the Committee, your name is presented to the MSD membership for comment.  The membership is provided a 7-day period for response.
  • When the review process has been completed, MSD staff will be in contact with you regarding next steps.

Supporting Membership Application

Supporting Membership Application
Supporting members of the Medical Society of Delaware are corporations or individuals, who embrace the ideals of the medical profession and the mission of this Society. Whether a corporation or individual applies for membership, the corporation or individual respectively will be considered as the “supporting member.”

Resident/Fellow, Medical Student & Physician Assistant - Affiliate Membership

Resident/Fellow Online Membership Application (fillable on your computer!)
Medical Student Online Membership Application (fillable on your computer!)
Physician Assistant Online Membership Application (fillable on your computer!)

For membership eligibility, one must be a resident physician or post doctoral trainee who possesses the U.S. degree of MD or DO, or a recognized international equivalent, and is serving in a residency or fellowship program approved by the American College of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) or the American Osteopathic Association (AOA).

Medical Students

Medical students must be enrolled in an educational program provided by a college of medicine or osteopathic medicine accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) or American Osteopathic Association (AOA) leading to the MD or DO degree. This includes students who are on an approved sabbatical, provided the student will be in good standing upon returning from the sabbatical.

Physician Assistants

To be eligible for membership in MSD, you must be a Delaware licensed physician assistant who is in good standing with your licensing board.  Complete the online application and forward to MSD.  Note that two references are to be provided, with at least one reference being a physician.

Instructions for Application Submission

  • Complete the online application and forward to MSD (or download the appropriate form, complete and return). 
  • MSD will confirm receipt, contact your references (for Physician Assistant applications), and request the appropriate dues payment amount (medical students and resident/fellows are not required to pay dues).
  • Following submission of requesting information and payment, your application will be sent to our Committee on Membership for review. 
  • Once the Committee on Membership makes recommendation for approval, the applicant's name is listed in an MSD communication announcing new applicants for membership, providing MSD members the opportunity to comment, per the membership bylaws. The membership is provided a 7-day period for response.
  • When the review process has been completed, MSD staff will be in contact with you regarding next steps.

If you have questions or need further information, please contact our Membership Department at (302) 224-4905 or membership@medsocdel.org.

MSD Members

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Many groups have taken advantage of the group discount program, offering a discount on annual membership dues when all physicians in the group are members of MSD.  Learn more and enroll.

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